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Tremendous and heartbreaking literary achievement

"This book was absolutely tremendous - in the most painful sense. It is one of the most incredible - and most scarring - books I have ever read. Mariella Furrer tackles the taboo pandemic of child sexual abuse head on and the result is something that is both spectacular and terrifying. It is not an easy read as it is very explicit in both physical and emotional senses... it is a monumental achievement in the fight against child sexual abuse... "My Piece of Sky" is a necessary book for all to read - so that child sexual abuse can be halted and those, who already victims, can be comforted... One of the most poignant - and telling - lines .... a victim states, 'The angels were supposed to protect me, but they didn't. I feel deserted by God.'" -  Ciara, July 27, 2014 - Amazon

"I'm writing this email in gratitude to you for your amazing work on My Piece of Sky... Never in my life had I come across something that touched me as deeply as reading your novel did. It was... a book that leaves the reader changed... As a victim of child sexual abuse, reading your book and hearing stories of other survivors helped me heal in a way that nothing else has thus far. For this I sincerely thank you." – KK (email)

"To say that Mariella Furrer spent the last decade on a mission is an understatement. The term “crusade” is probably more accurate… Her book, My Piece of Sky, is a powerful testament to that struggle and to the enormity of the problem not only in South Africa but across the globe." – Photo District News

"The most remarkable book i have ever brought. Both the author and contributors have taken a step that until now most fear to attempt. You are all an inspiration." -  Jodie - July 30, 2014 - Amazon

"My Piece of Sky is an incredible book and I absolutely recommend it to other readers. The style Furrer uses to compile this book is tremendous, and it addresses a wide and interesting scope of individuals who are effected by abuse. As a victim of child sexual abuse, reading the collection of stories that Mariella Furrer documents from other survivors is extremely powerful. Definitely a book that leaves you changed after reading it, and sheds much needed light on the horrors of child sexual abuse around the world. The experience of reading is very emotional, but it's beautiful to hear about peoples ability to carry on after abuse and suffering."  - Kmk, July 28, 2014 - Amazon

"Heart-wrenching and agonizing to read at times yet impossible to put down as the horrors of child sexual abuse are laid out so expertly in the narrative voice of interviewees. This book should break open the much-needed dialogue in society and find a way to stop this abuse. This book is a must-read for all concerned about the welfare of their children."  -  Mother of 5, July 26, 2014 - Amazon

Highly recommended

"The most comprehensive and important book to date on the subject of the sexual exploitation of children. Furrer sensitively reveals the depths and complexity of human social-sexual issues related to child sexual abuse and the need for expertise and training for our judicial systems to adequately respond. Her presentation of actual cases are a study in the causes and effects of the sexual exploitation of children and the impact of sexual betrayal trauma on society at large as it repeats in sexual offense, criminal activity, violence and addiction. I highly recommend this excellent resource for those who are in need of healing as well as those studying this subject. We owe a debt of gratitude to Mariella Furrer." 

- Karen Morris LP, NCPsyA, licensed psychoanalyst and trauma specialist, July 27, 2014 - Amazon


"This book was 10 years in the making and is a monumental peer reviewed documentary project which gives voice to survivors of child abuse through their written and visual testimony. At its core is a stunning photo essay by Mariella Furrer that was supported by the prestigious Hasselblad Foundation grant, art created by a survivor, testimony by survivors and a contextual essay by one of the worlds leading experts in the field of child psychiatry. The book is powerful and respectful and very thoughtfully constructed and designed. It as an astonishing product of human rights activism and any serious collector of photographic books in the documentary genre will want this book in their library."  - Gary Knight, November 20, 2013 - Amazon

Eye-opening, a must-read

"Courageously confronting the horror of her subject, Mariella Furrer succeeds in drawing her readers in to both pictures and text and creates the ground on which we can understand all who are affected by child sex abuse. It's a difficult journey to take, but as a reader, I can say that I was compelled by this outstanding work of research, interviews and photographs." -  Mushkie, July 27, 2014 - Amazon

 " took me a whole 7 months to be able to open the book. Yesterday afternoon I finally sat down on the couch and read it all the way through, and just finished it this morning, 5 minutes ago… i have no words other than to say thank you. thank you for telling the stories that no one wants to hear, but that we all NEED to hear." – TS (email)

Five Stars

"Powerful! Lots of courage went into all aspects of this book."  - Elle, July 6, 2014 - Amazon


"Heartbreaking. An amazing piece of work in photography and narrative." - Anna Wang - Good Reads

"Very comprehensive book. Just what i was looking for. I keep track of the evil happening in the world, but im not able to get a major idea of every area. This book has a detailing of serious things going on in the world."  -  Michael Owusu, July 30, 2014 - Amazon

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